New York Review Of Sex & Politics #7 Brad Holland 1969 Avante Garde Art Tabloid

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DETAILS: New York Review Of Sex & Politics Volume 1 #7, New York Feed Co., 1969. 

The New York Review of Sex and Politics (NYRS&P) was published by New York Free Press starting in the late 1960's. Most of its staff originally worked for Goldstein's Screw Magazine. However, because of creative differences a number of them broke off from Goldstein and began publication of the NYRS&P. It was intended to be an prurient artistic magazine featuring more creative and candid underground artists and writers of the time. Many of the more avant garde artists of the 1960's were regular contributors to the magazine. They included Pablo Picasso, John Chamberlain, Dan Graham, Charles Bukowski, Brigid Polk, Tom Wesselmann, Brad Holland  and Ed Sanders among others. Because of strict obscenity laws and numerous legal battles in court, the publication had a brief run. Too bad because while it was in print it was a must read among experimental and forward looking lovers of provocative art. 

CONDITION: It's rare to find this title, let alone in such high grade condition. Most copies that surface are in poor condition with heavy stains, major tears and missing pages.