Massage Parlors 1972 Drugs Prostitution 48pg Organized Crime NY Times Square Mob

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DETAILS: Unique defiant counter culture pornography magazine by Lips Publishing, NY. Circa 1982  The magazine reprints stories from the New York Times that detail the explosion of porn shops and sex parlors that have exploded in New York City during the sexual revolution of the 1960's along with the crime and other social problems that have arisen because of it. It also includes articles on judicial decisions by the courts protecting such conduct under the First Amendment  and the utter inability of the police and city authorities to do anything about it whatsoever. To paraphrase the overriding theme of the magazine: "The police make raids and arrest criminals engaged in lewd obscene practices and the courts not only release the alleged criminal shortly afterwards but also scold the police for their conduct!"

In many ways the publication comes across as a defiant statement by the the sex industry in NYC giving the middle finger to the NYPD and municipal authorities in City Hall. It proclaims that they are here to stay and there is nothing that can be done to stop them. There is a particularly strong emphasis on the Times Square sex shops along with other neighborhoods who have experienced similar fate. Makes for a fascinating read. Our highest recommendation.


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