Lisa DeLeeuw Becky Savage Seka Angel Cash John Holmes Lee Carol 100pg Laura Laza

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DETAILS: Gourmet Edition #110. Features a large selection of top rated adult film stars including Lisa DeLeeuw, Becky Savage, Seka, Angel Cash, John Holmes, Lee Carol, Laura Lazare among others. Has a gang bang feature as well. All of the photos show explicit action. The page counts are as follows:

Lisa DeLeeuw & Beck Savage 22 pages with DP and anal of DeLeeuw.

2. Lee Carol Gang Bang with DP and double vaginal 26 pages.

3. Seka, Angel Cash,another woman with John Holmes 19 pages.

4. Two hot women (one of whom looks a lot like Danielle Martin) with DP and anal 10 pages.

5. Laura Lazare and two other women with three men 24 pages.




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