Contrasts V1#1 Eros Goldstripe 1970 1st Interracial 72pg BBC White Black Women

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DETAILS: Ground breaking premier issue of Contrasts Volume 1 #1 by Eros Goldstripe. Circa 1970. Contrasts was the first regular inter-racial periodical publication in the United States. Though there were other one-shot publications that preceded it (mostly underground ghost titles without indicia's or publishers names), this title by Eros Goldstripe / Parliament was the first continuous series under the same name that was nationally distributed. It even included an indicia section and contact info on the publisher! Unfortunately because it was published not long after the end of segregation in the United States It met with significant resistance in many parts of the country with many retailers refusing to carry it because of the fear of being prosecuted by overzealous local authorities. Fortunately however it overcame these obstacles and went on to change societal views on inter-racial pornography and relationships. Low distribution. Rare.  


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